At Audreycious, our focus areas include – image building, art of conversation, table manners, fashion, beauty tips, public speaking, pageant, social etiquette, creating the right impression, corporate grooming and so on. Key skills that bring out the best version of you each day, help build a confident and positive approach and present new opportunities for you – whether it is at work, relationships or simply in developing powerful self belief.

Our courses

Grooming & Etiquette


Our Grooming & Etiquette program is constructed in a manner that helps an individual amplify their self-esteem & confidence, as well as polish, nurture and refine their style and body decorum. The eight-segment social etiquette program comprises of everything from table manners and dressing etiquette to more advanced social and business etiquette and also touches topics like international savoir-vivre, conversation proficiency and the art of elegance.

Pageant Coaching


A comprehensive and detailed study of pageantry that includes training and mentorship from professionals of the glamour industry who, with their expert opinion, will help you refine various aspects like confidence, congeniality, personality, attitude, skill, and your overall presentation. Our Pageant Training Course is an ideal and promising starter pack for any woman who dreams of walking the ramp or being a successful model.

Public Speaking


Learning the art of handling formal speeches and carrying out impromptu conversations is very important if you have to face an audience, that is, be a public speaker. The Public Speaking course is not just about speaking. It shows you how to use your voice, gestures, and expressions in a combined way to create an impact. Our idea is to work on improving your interpersonal skills, which in turn will give your confidence a boost so you can successfully take the stage.