Audrey ma’am is really good at what she does. The minute details that she made us jot down and then how she observes and tells us things that really work and does wonders to your personality. We always need someone to polish us just like the diamond always needs polish so do we, to become that diamond to be purified by the fire we need to be here with Audreycious.

Though I’m almost a decade older to her there are tons of things to learn from her, poise, confidence, vocabulary and the list is endless. She looks at the minute details of everyone and works on pushing them forward which is commendable. If at all you want to enter the glamour world this is the girl to go to.

I consider myself very lucky, I remember the first session we had and when I look at myself today I see a great difference which is all because of Audreycious. I’m forever grateful for the change you bought in me from voice modulation, Public Speaking, makeup, and grooming discussion, I don’t think anyone else can provide this. If I could reach any level in life it would all be because of you and getting trained under Audreycious.

It has been a wonderful experience with Audreycious, for a person who had no idea about makeup or styling, and from being a regular doctor to now winning the crown, I owe it to Audrey ma’am for everything she has taught us and the change she has bought in us and helped us glam up.